Fujita Scale Based on Damage

F0 <116 kph gives light damage. Little damage to chimneys; some branches broken of trees; shallow- rooted trees pushed over; sign boards damaged.

F1 116- 180 kph gives moderate Damage. Peels surface clear off roofs; mobile homes pushed off or overturned on foundation; moving cars are blown off roads.

F2 181- 253 kph gives considerable damage. Roofs removed from frame houses; mobile homes demolished; large trees snapped or uprooted; light- object missiles generated; cars lifted off ground.

F3 254- 332 kph gives severe damage. Roofs and a few walls removed from well- constructed houses; trains overturned; most trees in forests uprooted; heavy cars lifted and thrown.

F4 333- 419 kph gives devastating damage. Well- constructed houses leveled; structures with weak foundations are moved from their spot; cars thrown; large missiles generated.

F5 < 419 kph gives extreme damage. Strong framed houses removed and carried away from foundation; automobile- sized missiles are carried in the air in excess of 100m; bark removed from trees.